Give your dreams a chance

When I left university in 2013 I was not greeted with a lot of opportunities so I was very surprised when a friend of mine who had managed to find permanent job fairly quickly gave it up and got a job in another organisation on a three months contract. I was curious, well that is not true, I was furious with him, I asked why he had given up a permanent job to take up a job that was not going anywhere. I will never forget his response. “I refuse to stay comfortable on the road that leads nowhere” despite his defiance I thought he was making a mistake and I thought I was proved right when at the end of three months his contract was not renewed and he was jobless. A few weeks later he had phone call from one the customers who was so impressed with him and asked for his details when he found out that he did not have a job. He has since gone on to achieve great things with that organisation because he was willing to give his dream a chance.
A lot of people have dreams to do great things in their lives but they are not giving their dream a chance. The path to the life that you want is not always going to smooth, it is going to be a bumpy at times but it will get you to your destination. A lot of people are taking roads that are smooth and easy despite the fact that they are leading them away from the life that they want. My mum and her friends left Zambia in 2004 with a dream to give their children a better life despite not having relatives in the strange land but they just took a chance. We all have a dream we really want to achieve and the time to take a chance is now. What do you really want to do in your life? What Chance do you need to take to get it? Go on do! Give your dream a chance.

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