Never stop moving forward

I knew a woman who was left by her husband for another woman and even though she was heartbroken she carried on with life as normal. I remember the morning she told us that her husband had left her, she was very calm and she just thought of all the things she was going to be doing to move on. She was not angry, she was not saying anything negative about her husband, she was just doing her very best to move on with life. She looked happy and she did not go around looking for sympathy from everyone, she never stopped moving forward with life. She was doing and achieving a lot of things despite the situation in her life. I could not believe how gracefully this heartbroken woman was handling this situation; the separation did not stop her progress whatsoever.
I asked my friend if she saw it coming and she said that she did not see it coming. Despite the fact that her separation from her husband was an unexpected, she just carried on moving forward. As I was watching her just move on with life it dawned on me that the secret to success is moving forward even when things are difficult. What do a lot of people do when things get difficult, they stop, they feel sorry for themselves and expects the whole world to stop and feel sorry for them. The truth is the world is moving on everyday. The truth is life is not always going to be easy, we might be doing everything the way it is supposed to done but something will come and destroy everything we have created, this does not mean that we should stop creating the life that we want, No matter how difficult things get, do not stop moving forward.Frank

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