If you don’t handle it with grace, it will stay in your face

A few years ago I was working with a very difficult person, I would get home everyday and I would be so angry about what happened in the day. The weeks that followed were the worst weeks of my short working life, I dreaded going into work, I would stay up all night worrying about what the next day was going to bring. The next day I would try my utmost best to be friendly to this person but nothing seemed to work. I had been looking forward to do this job but now that it was here I found myself living in a nightmare. I was completely stressed-out; I was not eating or sleeping well. I did not feel like I had a lot of control in my life, I did not feel like I could control any part of this situation. Before this experience I would say thing like today is going to be a great day but now I was saying today is going to be another bad day. One day I had a really bad day I could not sleep at all, so at 2am I went down stairs and I decided I was going to do the washing up which I was supposed to do earlier. As I washing up something that someone said to me years earlier came to my mind. It simply says “If you don’t handle it with grace, it will stay in your face”. All of the sudden I realised that it was not my problem, it was the other person’s problem and all the sudden this load that was weighing on me came off me and I went back to sleep.
Do you know there are certain things in your life you can’t do anything about? You might be reading this and you might be thinking “of course I know that” but the question is how many times have you gone home angry because of what your colleague said to your or said to someone else about you. How many times do you let people who bring nothing in your life undermine your progress? You see I had done so well to get to this point, I had turned my life around from failing my exams and going to university. However I forgot these things because of how one person was treating me. Dear friends, it does not matter how people treat you, what matters is how you respond, I have realised that people have their issues and sometimes they will try to burden you with their burdens by not treating you nicely. If you react to them you will not be gaining anything but you will just be burdening yourself. The next time your boss, colleague or anyone you know seem to be unhappy with you for no apparent of reason, take a step back and give it a thought and make a decision to act in the right way and not to react to what they are saying. When you act in the right way and their response is still negative, you have done your job and their problem will still remain their problem and not yours as well.

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