Sometimes you will get it wrong

A few years ago in one a of the first jobs I had after leaving university a colleague of mine walked in the room and told one of my other colleagues that they had made an error that morning. The response this person gave shocked me a little bit, they were so angry that this person would dare to suggest that they had made an error. What was even more incredible was that this person refused to go back and correct their error because they were so instant that they had not made an error. I was so surprised by this reaction because the error was so small and it could have only taken a few minutes to sort it out. I met this lady a few weeks ago and she told me she was on her 7th job since I last worked with her and she was telling me about all the horrible people she has come across on her journey and how she was now going in her eighth job because this world is full horrible human beings. The more I spoke to her the more I realised that she left all the other jobs because someone tried to give her advice on how to do the job properly. As I walked away my heart was filled with so much sadness for this woman because her life could have so different if only she could accept her mistakes and correct them.
How many Jobs and relationships have been lost because someone has refused to accept that they had got it wrong? No normal person gets out of bed and says today I am going to make a lot of mistakes, we all want to go through each day without making any mistakes but we are human and from time to time we will make mistakes. If we keep denying our mistakes we will carry on making them. The only way we can improve on our short coming is by accepting that we have short comings in the first place. Accepting our short comings will only serve to make us better people, so the next time you make mistake, annoy or offend someone don’t do what a lot of people do, instead of saying I did not do that just say I am sorry I offended you and I will try to do it better next time. The next time someone points out a thing you are doing wrong, don’t argue about just go away and reflect on it. No matter how good you are, you are bound to make mistakes sometimes.

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