Today is the only true possession you have

Growing up in a house with domestic abuse and being bullied in school meant that I was going through each and everyday with a lot of worries. I was always worried that something was going to go wrong or something bad was going to happen, I would always wonder if I was going to hear raised voices or if someone I thought was a friend of mine was going to turn against me because they do not want to be seen associating with me but they would join the group of people who used to bully me. I lived everyday with the expectation that something was bound to go wrong, even when things were going well I would say things like “This is just too good to be true, something is bound to go wrong” and the majority of the time it went wrong. Do you remember how excited you were when you and your first girlfriend or boyfriend got together? Remember how you were caught up in the moment? I wasn’t I was worried if I was going to handle it when she leaves me, it was not even if she leaves me because I was so sure she was going to leave. Then a few week later she called it off and then something crazy happened, I was able to handle it.
The experience taught me that sometime things will work out just the way we want them to and sometimes they will not but the most important thing to remember is that you can handle it. The day I decided I was not going to worry about anything my life changed for the better. I realised that no matter how much I worry about the future I can never change anything that is destined to happen. No matter how much you worry about the future you can never change anything about it. Focus on enjoying your todays instead of spending most of today worrying about tomorrow because today is the only true possession you have.

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