Why you should attend finding your Voice

It was December 1995; It was a very exciting time of my young life because I as getting ready to start primary school the following week. One evening, I was watching television with my cousins who were looking after us because parents were out as were on many occasions, we were watching a movie when we heard raised voices which i soon recognised, it was my parents, I took no notice at all but all the adults in the room went to see what was going on after a few minutes I heard mum scream so I ran down to the kitchen to see what was going on, I was greeted by blood on the floor, I could see a knife had been used and my heart stopped at which point my young brother came down to tell me what was going on in the movie we were watching and I just knew he could see what I had just seen so I quickly grabbed him by his arm and went back to the room to watch the movie. From that moment on I went into a world of my own which I was live in for the majority of my life, that night I lost my voice.
The first two years of school were terrible, I was bullied on daily basis, the world was a lonely place to be. I could not see what was written on the board but I couldn’t speak up because the teachers who were supposed to teach me had made up their minds that I was a lost cause. In 2009 at the age of 18 I was diagnosed with Nystagmus (an Involuntary movement of the eye) This was a relief because it was then I realised that I could take control of my life. I have spent the majority of my 20s soul searching and finding my voice in the world that took away my Voice, I will be sharing my journey from being bullied, isolated and failing my high school to making a decision to Change my life. Kim Harvey a mind-set coach will present the second part of the afternoon and she will give you some tools that will help you find you true voice,
Our aim at this event is to open your eyes to the possibilities that are around you everyday of your life, Join us at Gloucester farmers club on Saturday 26th January 2019 at 2pm to 5pm, you can get your ticket on the link below.

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