The Dream was bigger than my anxiety

It was November 2014; I had just picked up a booked by world renowned Motivation Speaker Les Brown called “You can live your dreams”. After reading this book I was convinced this was the path I was meant to follow in life, People who knew me seven years ago would tell you how shy and reserved I was (I know, it’s very hard to believe now) the truth is I was a very anxious young man who did not have any confidence in his abilities. However this dream started to grow each and everyday, I started to read a lot of self-help books to see how other speakers were doing it. I started to contact local speakers to get advice and guidance. One of the speakers I spoke to encouraged me to join toastmasters which I did and I never looked back.
I meet a lot of people who say I would love to do that and the other but I just don’t have a lot of confidence in myself. Today I am toastmaster speech contest winner not because I was born a gifted speaker, far from it. However my desire to change my life was bigger than my fears. When you have anxiety, becoming a public speaker and writing a book in Language that is not your own is probably not the natural choice but my dream was bigger than all these fears. This week I had a phone call inviting me to speak and my response was “Sorry I am already booked that day” I sat there in disbelief as i realised that my days of chasing speaking engagements were slowly coming to an end. As I wrote down my plans for the day realised I was living my dram! For a kid like me being a public speaker was not a natural choice but my desire was bigger than my anxiety and I was willing to take a chance. So many people fail in life because they do not take enough chances. Take a chance; you never know what opportunities lie ahead.
Frank Saliki

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