What you focus on will determine your success in life

FrankMy grandfather always used to tell us to focus on the positive out of every situation in life; I can remember him telling my order cousins that no matter how bad things may seem to be there is always going to be a positive thing in it. He always used to back up his theory with a little story which went like this. There once was man who worked for a shoe making company, he was sent to another country to see if the company should sell shoes in that country. When he came back a month later he told his company that there was no point trying to sell shoes in that country because people in that country did not wear shoes. His boo decided to send another one of his employees to go to that country and a week later he come back and he told his boss that he could not believe that people in that country did not were shoes. He went on to say that if we took our shoes to that country we will sell a lot of shoes.
Two people same experience but what thy focused on determined their attitude, one of them thought that because the people in that country did not wear shoes meant that the company would not make a lot of money; However the other one saw an opportunity to sell shoes to everyone. This story is obviously not true but it sums why people who go through the same experiences end up getting different results. Whatever you are going through at the moment no matter how difficult it is ask yourself if there is a great opportunity hiding behind it. Great opportunities will come into our life disguised as problems.

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