Knowledge Is Not Power

A Few months ago I was talking to a very knowledgeable pensioner. He had insights in a lot of industries and businesses. He told me how to run a successful business and how to lead a happy and successful life. I went home really puzzled to why a very knowledgeable person can be so unsuccessful and unfulfilled, then it hit me, what you know doesn’t make you successful, what you do with what you know makes you successful, You can change any area of your life by taking action on what you know. The order I get the more I…read more >

One step at a time

A lot of people walk around wishing they could change their life and what they are doing at the moment and after trying for a few weeks they give up on that new change. After reading Les Brown’s book “you can live your dreams” I decided I was going to be a motivational speaker and I started making plans and taking actions to be a motivational speaker. Just one problem, no one knew who I was so whenever I contacted an organisation and asked to speak the first question they asked was who are you? No, they did not want…read more >

Why you should join a Toastmasters Club Today

Three years ago I had a training day at work and I have to admit it was one of the most painful things I have ever sat through. All the trainers we had that day were not able to communicate anything in a way that everyone in the room was able to understand. After the training I asked a few people if they thought the training was worth going to and the answer was a resounding no! A lot of people said they thought the training was unproductive because the trainers did not know what they were talking about it.…read more >

Do you need to be confident to get started?

A Couple years ago I told someone that I wanted to be a life coach and their response was that I had to be more confident to get started. What happened after that ate away at my confidence because I did not get started on my ideas. When I eventually got started working on my plans I realised that my confidence in my dreams and abilities started to grow rapidly. The more I did the more results I got and the more results I got the more confident I got. There is an old saying that says “you do not…read more >

Practise does not make Perfect

All my childhood I have been told that practise makes perfect and I have tried to live my life by this saying. My first motivational talk I ever I gave was in fact titled practise makes perfect. Two months ago I realised that a lot of people’s lives are not perfect because of what they practise daily, a lot of businesses have failed because of what they practise every day. This realisation got me too start observing people who do well in the work that they are doing, what they do and how they do the work. I decided I…read more >

Forget everything you know

Did you know that the majority of things we know have been imposed upon us by our environment? A few days ago I was reflecting on my life and I started looking at certain parts of my childhood and how they are influencing me today. I realised that a lot of the things I thought I taught myself were taught to me by other people. I started looking at the church I went to, how I like my food made and more importantly how I think. A lot of us have been programmed to think a certain way since we…read more >

Stop Planning and start doing

Planning is a very integral part of every successful person or business. Everything that has ever been made big or small started with a plan. Success only comes about with detailed and accurate planning. The problem with a lot of people and organisation is that they never leave the planning stage of a lot of their projects and because they never the leave the planning stage they end scrapping the plans all together because they get discouraged by the lack of progress they are making . A lot of people have asked me why I keep saying if you plan…read more >

Why Reading Motivational books won’t change your life

I received an email on my first book page a few weeks ago and this person was asking me if I really believe that listening to motivational speeches and reading motivational books can change your life. He went on to say that he had been listening to motivational videos everyday for the past year, has read every Motivational book he has been able to lay his hands on and his life has not changed one bit. He wanted to know why I was still encouraging people to keep reading the good, the pure and the powerful and I would like…read more >

The one Reason your New Year’s Resolutions always fail.

Its new year’s day people are excited and they think this is the year that that I am going to do that thing I have been putting off for years. On the 1st of January you are off, you have done something you have not done, you have actually started but by the time you get to the end of the year you would have long given up  on losing weight or working towards starting your business . A lot of people get to the end of the year and they tell themselves that they have failed because they have…read more >

5 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail…

There are only a few more days left in 2015, and it’s about now that we begin to recall our last year’s resolutions and – painful as it might be to admit – our failure to achieve them. What went wrong again? We were really determined to succeed this time last year, and yet not many boxes got ticked off on our lists. Why is it so difficult to follow through and reach our goals as we initially intended to? Every one of us could come up with a number of explanations and excuses, but these can be actually boiled…read more >