Don’t start a new project until you finish the current one

Frank! Frank! I have just found a wonderful life coaching course and I have just enrolled on it. Three days later Frank! Frank! I just found this wonderful leadership coaching course and I have just enrolled it. Four months later I asked him how he was doing in the two courses and he said he enrolled but did not do either courses. This is the story of so many people, they start a lot of things in their life but they never see anything through. If you want to succeed you must start one thing and see it through without…read more >

Is your desire to avoid pain holding you back?

“Saliki Chama is a fool! Saliki Chama is Mr Bean and Mr Bean is mad” These were the words of the song my year one teacher taught everyone in our class. Very soon I started hearing this song around the school, the most annoying thing was that this song had a very catchy tune to go with it. Everyday my self-worth was been eaten away, I was known around the school because of this song so as you can imagine I did not find making friends very easy, in fact I did not have any school friends until I was…read more >

One day at a time

One day I came back from school and I found that my grandmother had planted sugar cane in our garden. She told me that I was to water the sugar cane first thing after school. I was so excited because all of my friends had sugar cane in their gardens. The next day i started watering the sugar cane, I was so excited and I could not wait to see the sugar cane come through the ground. After about three weeks of religiously watering them, I started to see the results of my labour, these little plants started coming out…read more >

It is better been prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not to be prepared for it.

One Sunday Morning a few years I go I decided I was going to go round the churches near my house to find out if I could speak to their young people about my journey. I went round seven churches and they all said no but this did not stop me from going to other churches. I got to my ninth church right at the end of their service, I spoke to the man who was preaching and he loved my enthusiasm and he told me straight away that he would love to invite me to come and speak to…read more >

Why Organisations Should Take Exit Interviews Seriously

A few years ago, I was working in the human resource department of a well-respected organisation which taught me a lot about managing people, resolving conflict and returning staff. It quickly became apparent to me that a lot of people in the organisation were not kin on doing exit interview; the advisers would say things like I have got better things to do than listen to people complain about their managers. Advisers would come out of an exit interviews and they would actually laugh about what the employee was complaining about. What surprised me the most is that the advisers…read more >

Time waits for no one

One afternoon whist writing my book Arise and Shine I heard two older gentlemen talking outstand my dining room window and I was very intrigued by their conversation. One of the men was telling his friends how he wished he had used his time wisely and actually did the things he wanted. He was now in 70s and he was not able to do all the things he could have done when he was in his 20s. He spoke about how wonderful his life could have been if he used his time wisely, were he could be living, what car…read more >

5 ways you can make your life better Right now

A few days ago I received an email asking me how one can make their life better right now. First of all I just want to point out that changing your life does not happen overnight but the way you look at life can change in a moment. The day I failed my school exams I went in school thinking I was not good enough nut when I opened the results I made a decision that I was going to have a bright future despite becoming a high school failure. Five methods changed my life and they can change yours.…read more >

Can you really change People?

A few months ago I heard two people talking about motivational speakers and the fact that these motivational speakers changed their lives for the better. I walked behind them for about half a mile and listened to them give praise to these wonderful speakers who i also listen to very often. After a few minutes of listening to these two young men I turned back and went home wondering if someone can really change a person? I thought of a friend of who listens to every motivational speaker he finds on the internet, reads every motivational book he lays his…read more >

If at first you don’t succeed

It was December 2012 and two other young top tenors and I were going to sing a song together in the Risca Male Choir themed Concerts. We were going to sing on a Friday and Saturday like we did every Friday and Saturday before Christmas. However on the first night we made so many mistakes,, we did not join together when we were meant to, I forgot my lines. It was a disastrous start to singing as a trio in Concert. However the next night we had a second chance to get it right and get it right we did.…read more >

Facts Vs Opinions

It was the first job I had after University and I was sat in a staff meeting watching everyone put their opinion forward on a subject matter I had no clue about as I was new to the organisation. The debate soon got heated, everyone was putting their opinion forward and they wanted to be heard. However what baffled me was the fact that everyone kept on saying “my opinion is” I heard this said over and over. The meeting took longer than it should have because everyone wanted to put their opinion forward hence there was no moving forward.…read more >