When your desire to win is bigger than your disability

Every Morning I wake up like most people, I find my running shoes and I am off, come back home I do some reading and I prepare myself mentally for the day. At a glance I have not got anything wrong with me, I am author and speaker and I know a few people who think I am lucky and talented and some people talk about how they would love to be in my shoes. However what a lot of people don’t know is that I have my daily struggles and sometimes doing the simplest of things in life can…read more >

The Biggest lesson I learnt from winning a Toastmasters Speech Contest

It was a very cold Sunday morning and that afternoon I was to compete in the Area 11 Toastmaster International speech contest. This was going to be the first time I was going to be speaking outside our local club and I did not know what to expect. I had not been to any speech contests before so I did not what it was going to happen and I was a little bit anxious because I was speaking in a place that I was not familiar with. My friend Michael picked me up at 1pm that afternoon and I was…read more >

Everyone wants to feel Important

In 2014 I started a new job and I was really looking forward to it because I had previously worked in that organisation in another department and I had great time. I posted on Facebook on how great I felt to be back working in the organisation because the previous time was very short and successful. However the second spell was not a happy one to start off with, I was paired with an experienced employee who did not show me the work that was been done. After a month in the job, I became very disillusioned with the job,…read more >

The Importance of taking responsibility

It was not me! it was my wife he said, it was not me it was my husband! She said. For 20 years these two people told everyone in their life that the other person was responsible for the breakup of their marriage. These two people spent a lot of their lives telling everyone that the other person was responsible for what went wrong in their marriage and no one was willing to take responsibility for the state of their marriage so in the end the marriage broke up. Fast forward 20 years later, the couple are now order and…read more >

You will never be motivated to do anything without having a goal

My book Arise and Shine chronicles my six years journey from a high school failure to a university, the journey which began on the day that I failed my high school exams. I think I struggled in school because I did not have a destination that required me to do more than I was, From time to time I was able to come up with some will power to do more but this always disappeared as quickly as it came to me, even though I failed my exams you could not fault me for effort, I tried the best I…read more >

I could have had a piece of cake but I only had the crumbs

It was 2002 and I was at Buteko Basic School, this was one of my good years in primary school but it still had its bad days. A group of boys had decided to make my life difficult, they always managed to do or say something that made me feel very small. When I was in school parents who could afford would bake or buy a cake for their child to take to school n their birthday, I remember an occasion when one of our class mates brought in some cake on her birthday to share with everyone and I…read more >

Stop fighting for the life you don’t want

A couple years ago I meant a young man who had fallen on hard times and had no hope for the future. I sat with him and spoke to him about how lucky he was to have been born in the UK, I spoke to him about how young people in a lot of African countries would love to live in the UK and have the opportunities that he has. This young man went on to tell me what his school life was like, how badly he was treated by some of his teachers. The more I tried to show…read more >

Tomorrow might be the day

A few weeks ago I was doing my own radio show on Gloucester Community Radio and as I played the first song, I remembered the days when the only thing that kept me going was the belief that the next day was going to be better. Every time I left school defeated I held on to the belief that the next day was going to be better. I remember a two month period when things were extremely difficult for me, I remember going to bed in tears but then I would tell myself that the next day would be a…read more >

What we can learn from sports fans about life

I have spent the majority of today watching sports because it has been finals day. As I am writing this blog the UEFA champions’ league final between Real Madrid and Liverpool has just reached half time. I was watching the final of the rugby earlier and after the game had finished I told my wife that half the fans of the losing team are going to be at their club’s ticket office to buy season tickets in readiness for next season by Tuesday. The fans would have been disappointed with the result today but they know they can’t change today’s…read more >

Commitment is the biggest confidence Builder

I am very sure we have all at one point in our life made a new year’s resolution and broke it the very next day. A few years ago I saw a group of four women running past my house on the 1st January and I thought to myself New Year’s resolutions! A few days later the number was three and the next week the number was two and a month later the number was one and it has been one since then. Talking to the one person who has continued running, the aim of the run was to lose…read more >