What makes a real team?

In 2014 I came across a young man who personified what a team worker was because everything he did was for the benefit of everyone else. It was August 2014 and I just started a new job, I have always been rubbishing with dealing with change so this was a very big deal for me, I was very anxious then I met this special young man who was a friend to everyone. He made the new employee feel welcome and he made all the old employees feel at ease. Everyone wanted to work with him, people will say if you…read more >

The Big picture

A friend of mine told me a story of how their new manager changed the fortune of the company he was working in three months of been in the job. The staff turnover had been terrible for a number of years and it was not getting any better. Company targets were achieved each and every year but employees kept leaving the organisation in their numbers. When my friend’s new manager came in and quickly realised that staff were really demotivated and even though the company was making a healthy profit he noticed that company could be doing better that it…read more >

Focus on the Daily prize

Two weeks ago I was watch the Apprentice on the BBC and I was really surprised at how these aspiring business men and women lost focus on the prize. What I have found over the last few years of watching the apprentice is that a lot of people go into every task wanting to do something that will please Lord Sugar straight from the off. Everyone thinks they have to show all their skills in one go. The reality is that Lord Sugar is not looking at who is good in week one, he is looking for people who are…read more >

Is the process working?

A few months ago after doing a Facebook live video on the importance of having goals in life I had an email from someone who questioned everything I said. His argument was that he had set a big goal for his life but It never came to reality. He told me about hours he used to put into his dream and by the sound of it he was not a lazy person, he was putting in the time he needed to. He told me that days he would start working at 5am and he would get home until 11pm. He…read more >

Open the Wardrobe

Imagine you are on a long journey; you get to a very expensive Hotel suite you booked a few months earlier because it was discounted. You get through the door and you find yourself in the smallest hotel room ever. You are disappointed but you just want to have a keep after a very long day of travelling, you climb onto the smallest bed you have ever seen and you have the most uncomfortable night ever. You are just about to go out of the room and you are thinking of telling the receptionists exactly what you think of the…read more >

The day that will change your life

I always hear a lot of people say that they will change theirlife when, I will start my business when the economy gets better, I will start studying when the right times comes. You probably have heard a lot of people say this, you have probably said that yourself. A lot of people are waiting for this magical day that will change their fortunes for the better. Today I am going to tell you about that magical day that you have been waiting for, ready! Here we Go…… it does not exist! Yes ladies and gentlemen that magical day that…read more >

Just Get Started!

In September this year my first book Arise and shine was published, a project that started when I had nothing to do. It was one of those days that a lot of people have, checking facebook and the web and all of sudden, I thought “it would be so cool if I wrote a book” and I began writing straight away. After reading Les Brown’s book “you can live your dreams” I had decided I was going to be a speaker and one thing that every speaker has is a book. I thought I had a story to tell but…read more >

Create Your Own Happiness

It was 2001, and in the month of July most parts of Zambia experienced a total eclipse of the sun. I remember the big build up to this historical event very well; the whole country was filled with excitement. Businesses in the tourism industry were filled with anticipation because a lot of people were going to descend on this tiny nation from all corners of the glob; this meant a lot of money for the tourism industry. I was ten years old and I never really understood what this was all about all I knew was that a very exciting…read more >

Don’t be Afraid of Change

To be told you are moving to the United Kingdom from Africa is a dream come to truefor a lot of young Africans but I was told I was leaving home and moving to the UK I was filled with dread. I was 15 years old and I was going to be leaving behind everything and all the people I grew to know and love. I was worried about what life was going to be like when I moved to the United Kingdom and it wasn’t easy. I struggled to fit in in school and only made friends after three…read more >

Ideas are nothing without actions

A few weeks ago I was throwing away all my old paper work that that was of no use to me and I came across a plan I had made two years ago about a certain project I had in mind at the time. I was really surprised about the plan I had made because it was very detailed, I had written down the difficulties I might face and I had figured out how I would go round them. After a week of working on this plan I looked at it I thought it was good but then I just…read more >