Go out there and fail!

I think one of the things that stops people from doing what they want to do is the fear of failure. No one wants to fail at anything and having failed my high school exams I know just too well how much failing can hurt. I think a lot of people are scared of doing things that they want to do in life because they are afraid of failing. When you tell people who do not believe in you that you have a dream, they will just laugh at you and every moment you are working on your dreams you feel like you have an audience who are just waiting for you to fail and come to you and say, we told you you will never make it. When this happens what do a lot of people do? they give up on their dreams all together. They try once, they fail once…read more >

Listen to understand

This morning whilst traveling to work on the bus I was sat at the back seat of the bus with two other people. From what they were talking about I assumed they work together. A few minutes into the conversation I realised that neither of them knew what the other person was talking about, why? It is because they were not listening to understand they were listening to respond. When the other person was talking the other person was thinking about what they were going to say next. It made me think about my job, I work with a lot of people and I had to ask myself how many times do I listen to respond rather than to understand. I think a lot of us are not were we want to be in life because we do not listen to understand we listen to respond. I have  heard a lot of people in…read more >

SIX Things parents should never do when bringing up children

A lot of things that we do today come from all the things that we have learnt from other people and the majority of the time the family. if we come from very supportive home the majority of the time we will succeed. However I believe there are six cardinal parental sins that a lot of parents have been committing for years and they can have a really profound impact on their children. Do Not Compare your children to other children We have all heard at some point in our lives from our parents or from other people's parents " have you seen what John or Mary has done". The child will stop focusing on what they are good at and they start focusing on the fact that they are not  has good as their friend. Your child might more talented than your friends child but the fact that you…read more >

Why Male Voice choirs Should Never Die

I had been thinking of Joining Risca Male Choir for quite some time but I did not have the courage to go through with it. I never felt welcome in most places I had been in and I hated that feeling. I had spent just over two Years with Risca RFC and I never really felt like I was part of the gang. I really love singing and the sound the choir produced was glorious. I went to a lot of concerts the choir had and I would just marvel at the sound and just wish I could part of it. However I just did not want to be rejected again so I did not go. One Saturday evening I had the courage to phone the Musical director at the time whose name is Martin Hodson who was to play a very key role in my self-development in the following…read more >

Bread and Butter or your Destiney?

Every morning I get up and I leave my dreams at home. I go to a job for the sake of bread and better when I could be doing so much more. I get back home look at what I really what to do but I am too tired to do anything about, that’s another day of life gone. The pattern continues, I feel I am not good enough; I look at what successful people who do what I want to do. People look down on me all the time but  I do the job everyday because I need bread and better, Whenever I think about what I could be doing Ii think of bread and better and whenever I talk to people about what I want to do they remind me that I need my bread and better. I look at my goal every morning and the words I…read more >

2016 will be the same as the past years if you do not change you.

As most of us are in that period were new years  resolutions have not broken yet I thought I would drop in and help you change your lives for the better. In 2008 I almost took my own life, luckily the tablets I took did not work because I vomited them all. I always look back at this day and I always wonder how much of life I could have missed out on. A lot of people did not know this ever happened because I kept it to myself. I wanted the way out because I thought that if I took my life all my suffering will go away. A lot of people think that if they take their lives all the suffering will go away and they do not think about all the good things that might be on the other side if they do not give up. Since that…read more >

If you do not programme yourself life will programme you!

In the last forty-eight hours the rugby world ws rocked by the death of the great Jonah Lomu who lost is lie at a very young age of 40. Again we were reminded that life can be short and unpredictable, you here today and tomorrow you are gone. So why do a lot of people live their lives like they have a million years to live. Jonah Lomu did not live a long life but he made an impact in his short life here on earth. From very humble beginning he rose to global phenomenon in the 19995 rugby world cup. He will forever be remembered as a true legend of the game ad also a great example that says you do not have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great. He Lived up to 40 years only but in his short time he…read more >

Only you can change your life

I have worked with different type of people in my short working career but already i have noticed what makes successful people and what make failures in life. As i have said before i believe that we are all born to win. The people that make it in life are the people who have a clear defined goal that they are aiming for. If you have a goal in  life you will be able achieve anything that you want to achieve. However so many people  have no goals, they  have no direction. Life is hard, easy is not an option and if you want to make your life a success you have to set a worthy and defined goal and work on it like your life depends on it, why? because it does. I have noticed that people who go places in life are always talking about ideas and plans they have for the future and…read more >

Its Not over until you win

So many people have given up on their dreams, they are doing jobs they do not enjoy. They wish they could be doing something else but they have convinced themselves that they are not good enough. Tomorrow afternoon the two giants of world rugby will go head to head in the rugby world cup final. However for me the story is about the welsh guy with the whistle. Nigel Owens came close to taking is on life because he was struggling with addiction and his sexuality. He has  entertained millions of rugby funs around the world with his brilliant one liners. Can you imagine if he wasn't  here anymore? the world would have lost a brilliant man. However how many people out there are not living at all, they have given up on their dreams all together. At some point in our life we will have to walk through the valley of…read more >
The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness

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