When one door closes a new door will not open until you open it

It was October 2015 and I had just walked out of the job not knowing what the future held for me. I had just endured a miserable five weeks in my new job so I made a decision to walk out of the job. I had a mortgage to pay and a wedding to plan for so there was no time to feel sorry for myself. I knew I had to find a new job fairly quickly. I got into my house, printed my CV off and I was on the train to Bristol to a recruitment agency I had…read more >

Learning to be confident

Self-confidence is one thing I always struggled with as far as I can remember, having been picked on by my year one teacher and everyone in my class, self-confidence was to elude me for the next 18 years. A lot of people who have known me for years did not even realise that the simplest thing scared me, meeting knew people was one of the most scary thing for me because I always used to think people were always judging me. When I was in my third year of University, I realised that if I was to get the things…read more >

You will only get it right once you know how to do it right

It was January 2016, I had just started my third job in the space three months, a few months earlier I left a job that I did well in in order to work near home but the move did not work out. In September of the previous year I started a new job which was 10 minutes’ walk from my house which was ideal because my previous job was a 50 minute train journey plus a 20 minute walk to work. On the first Monday on September I reported to my new manager’s office and I just had this feeling…read more >

The truth is incontrovertible

I had lunch with my mum a couple hours ago, my mum lives a couple hundred miles from me so it is always a delight to see her. I asked her to meet me at a local super market which is near my office for lunch. A couple hours later I was sitting for lunch with mum catching up on everything that has been going own. Very quickly the conversation turned serious, she was not happy that I was not doing something that I was meant to be doing, I quickly tried to defend myself, I told her how busy…read more >

Stay Focused

I have spent this morning writing my second book “Finding your Voice” After five hours of writing I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and I discovered that we were out of milk. I went to the local shop which is just around the corner from our house. Whenever I go there I always make a point to say hello the security person on duty and I did the same this afternoon but I did not get a response because the security person on duty was on their phone, Yes ladies and gentlemen the person who…read more >

Too busy to make progress

A few years ago I was working in a very busy outpatients department and the one thing I remember is that I did not have a day were I was clock watching because it was just very busy. I would arrive at reception at 8:30am and before I even turned my computer on I had doctors asking me for all kind of printed lists and before long the patients were queuing up and the day of dealing with query after query and complaint after complaint began. I felt like I did not have enough time to do all I need…read more >

What you focus on will determine your success in life

My grandfather always used to tell us to focus on the positive out of every situation in life; I can remember him telling my order cousins that no matter how bad things may seem to be there is always going to be a positive thing in it. He always used to back up his theory with a little story which went like this. There once was man who worked for a shoe making company, he was sent to another country to see if the company should sell shoes in that country. When he came back a month later he told…read more >

The Dream was bigger than my anxiety

It was November 2014; I had just picked up a booked by world renowned Motivation Speaker Les Brown called “You can live your dreams”. After reading this book I was convinced this was the path I was meant to follow in life, People who knew me seven years ago would tell you how shy and reserved I was (I know, it’s very hard to believe now) the truth is I was a very anxious young man who did not have any confidence in his abilities. However this dream started to grow each and everyday, I started to read a lot…read more >

Why you should attend finding your Voice

It was December 1995; It was a very exciting time of my young life because I as getting ready to start primary school the following week. One evening, I was watching television with my cousins who were looking after us because parents were out as were on many occasions, we were watching a movie when we heard raised voices which i soon recognised, it was my parents, I took no notice at all but all the adults in the room went to see what was going on after a few minutes I heard mum scream so I ran down to…read more >

Today is the only true possession you have

Growing up in a house with domestic abuse and being bullied in school meant that I was going through each and everyday with a lot of worries. I was always worried that something was going to go wrong or something bad was going to happen, I would always wonder if I was going to hear raised voices or if someone I thought was a friend of mine was going to turn against me because they do not want to be seen associating with me but they would join the group of people who used to bully me. I lived everyday…read more >